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Welcome to David Vance Blog - Awareness - Hyperacusis, Tinnitus & Chronic Pain

  Hi everyone. Welcome to David Vance Blog. In this blog I will be writing about Hyperacusis, Tinnitus & Chronic pain. Raising awareness, as well as talking about my personal experiences with it all.  Writing has always been a passion of mine. I have been writing for many of years - Since year 2000 I have been writing my own raps, lyrics to songs, poetry, and other creative writing - blog articles, resumes etc. I grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - born and raised. But now reside in Ottawa, Ontario. Canada.  Thank you so much for taking the time to pass by, and I hope that you can take something that I have written, and possibly apply it to your everyday life. 
Recent posts

Poem - The Feelings Inside

The feelings inside  Wish they would run and hide  Take me away, just want to see the sunshine  What is going on, what is this feeling?. Not sure what’s happening  Sometimes I feel dizzy  Gotta keep my head up, and stay in alignment  To the best of my abilities  Sick of this solitary confinement  Not sure what the future holds, just gotta live in today  Try to do everything right Keeping myself at bay  Watching the snow fall  Wanting to go out and sled  Wanting to skii  Instead I’m in stuck in this bed  Just gotta focus on the things that I can do  Which is write this very piece  So happy I can still have some of my passion  Helps to keep me at ease  The dangers of one little slip? Gotta protect the best I can  Not sure who will stay  So sick of this shitty land  Wanna be the best full version of me  But unfortunately I can’t  Swimming through these waters  Nobody other than us understands  Happy to be able to watch TV, just gotta do it with CC Happy to be

Temporary solutions to manage / More of my personal experience / Hyperacusis & Tinnitus

  TEMPORARY SOLUTIONS TO MANAGE There is no cure for Hyperacusis / Noxacusis & Tinnitus as of yet, but I want to share with you all what I do to manage my symptoms everyday, until a cure surfaces. I just recently saw the best Neuro-Otologist in Canada, told him my story, and about my recent appointments with my former ENT Doctor. After explaining everything in full, he flat out told me he also has no solutions, which left me jaw dropped. I am currently taking sedative medications and need to reduce my dosages he said, essentially fully move off. I am using one medication for Physical pain, and was prescribed another for my Auditory symptoms. The medications are Gabapentin & Clonazapam which both his the Gaba receptors in the brain. Some people do well with Clonazapam for Hyperacusis & Tinnitus and some don't (What I was taking it for). Eventually these medications stop working for the majority of people as well, so they are only really used as an emergency solution in t

An invisible illness. Severe chronic pain caused by sound that affects the ears and the head

  AN INVISIBLE ILLNESS. SEVERE CHRONIC PAIN CAUSED BY SOUND THAT AFFECTS THE EARS AND THE HEAD Ever wonder what people go through when dealing with an invisible chronic illness?, well that's what I am here to tell you all about. The conditions Hyperacusis / Noxacusis & Tinnitus, all three in which I suffer from are not to be taken lightly, they are all very painful. Imagine walking down the street and hearing the squealing from the train brakes from the train going by, or imagine a walkie talkie used by someone in a department store. These types of sounds can cause relentless pain for myself and many others who suffer from these conditions. The sounds of people talking to you, the shopping carts rolling by in the stores, the PA systems, the sounds of typing on the computer. These are sounds that normal hearing people do not recognize, but for someone who has Hyperacusis / Noxacusis and Tinnitus these sounds can cause extreme pain, and especially exposed to them for long period

Hyperacusis & Tinnitus / Chronic Pain - Coping strategies / Meditation / Numerology

  Hi everyone, the following are com coping strategies I use for Hyperacusis, Tinnitus & Chronic pain. Maybe can be of help to you too.  I'll start with meditation first. Meditation is a big part of me, and always has been. With having Hyperacusis & Tinnitus, I have implemented it more and more into my daily routine. It brings me a sense of calm, clarity, and eases my anxiety and depression living with this all.  If I'm feeling any of these emotions I go straight to meditation, and I do 3 different practices. Two that are guided on Youtube (Using CC) , and the third - I sit in silence and close my eyes, and just listen to my inner self.  The first meditation I would like to discuss is a practice for Anxiety. For example if my ears are acting up with increased Hyperacusis & Tinnitus I will do this practice. The first part of the meditation is naming what I am anxious about - Hyperacusis & Tinnitus increased. The second part is putting a "Judgement&qu

Don’t Quit!. My journey with housing and hyperacusis & meeting someone with hyperacusis

  DON'T QUIT!. MY JOURNEY WITH HOUSING AND HYPERACUSIS & MEETING SOMEONE WITH HYPERACUSIS.  It’s been quite the ride in regards to housing and Hyperacusis for me. Especially with being on a disability budget for four years now, and not at work. I have gone from living on the top floor of a house all by myself, in a town an hour and a half away from all of my family and friends. You would think to yourself that the experience wouldn’t be so bad, but the people living below me I could not get along with, and they would complain about me being a “loud” walker. The floors were made of hardwood, and you could hear everything below. From me wearing hearing protection all of the time, I could not hear myself walk, but the people downstairs could, I had to tip toe. I left that place after about a year and moved back closer to my family & friends in the busy city of Toronto.  I lived with roommates and it wasn’t the best experience, asking people to be mindful to keep quiet, constan

Gaslighting w / Chronic health conditions - Pain Hyperacusis & Tinnitus

  GASLIGHTING w / CHRONIC HEALTH CONDITIONS (Pain Hyperacusis & Tinnitus). First off I would like to dabble into what the definition of gaslighting is, for anybody that does not know. It is to manipulate (someone) by psychological means into questioning their own sanity It’s a term that comes up a lot with a lot of chronic health conditions I believe. In my personal experience, I have had friends, family members, and other people in my life try to tell me that my health conditions (Pain Hyperacusis, Tinnitus), could all be in my head, part of it is anxiety driven, and that I need to control my anxiety to feel better, or for my symptoms to possibly disappear.  “David you can have all the things that you want if you put your mind to it”. By 50 years old you could be living in a 3-4 bedroom house, with 3 kids, a wife, a beautiful car and the best job". To be quite honest living with a “Rare” health condition that has no cure, this all seems impossible. “Look at Dad, he was